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Adam the Armadillo's Cast Videos Channel's TwentyFifth Movie Spoof of Pocahontas 2 Journey to a New World


Pocahontas - Olive as a Cowgirl (Justin Time Episode: Hootenanny Hoedown)

John Rolfe - Justin (Justin Time)

John Smith - Ramone (Peg + Cat)

Ratciffle - Chris (Total Drama)

Meeko - Sam the Rabbit (Connie the Cow)

Flit - Robin the Bird (Sofia the First)

Percy - Paddy the Piglet (Connie the Cow)

Nakoma - Kiki as a Cowgirl (Fresh Beat Band of Spies Episode: Wild Outlaw)

Chief Powhatan - Sheriff Scaley Briggs (Penn Zero Part Time Hero)

Mrs. Wiggins - Courtney (Total Drama)