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Adam the Armadillo's Cast Videos Channel's Fourteenth Movie of the Winnie the Pooh Franchise


Winnie the Pooh - Paolo the Cat (Fluffy Gardens)

Tigger - Alex (Madagascar)

Piglet - Paddy (Connie the Cow)

Eeyore - Cranky Doodle Donkey (MLP Friendship is Magic)

Rabbit - Horace the Hare (64 Zoo Lane)

Kanga - Curly (Iconicles)

Roo - Cardigan the Lamb (Charlotte's Web 2 Wilbur's Great Adventure)

Owl - Blu (Rio)

Cristopher Robin - Forest Evergreen (Lalaloopsy)

Gopher - Mole (Creature Comforts Episode: The Garden)

Lumpy - Barbara the Baby Bison (64 Zoo Lane)

Lumpy's Mother - Mrs and Mr. Bison (64 Zoo Lane)


The Many Adventures of Paolo the Cat

Paolo the Cat's Grand Adventure: The Search of Forest Evergreen

The Alex Movie

Paolo the Cat: A Merry Paolo Year

Paddy's Big Movie

Paolo the Cat: Springtime with Cardigan

Paolo's Bison Movie

Paolo's Bison Halloween Movie

Paolo the Cat (2011)

TV Shows

The New Adventures of Paolo the Cat

The Book of Paolo

My Friends Alex & Paolo

TV Movies

Super Sleuths Christmas Movies

Alex & Paolo and a Musical Too