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Adam the Armadillo's Cast Videos Channel's Twelfth Movie Spoof of The Sword in the Stone


Linus "King Arthur" - Sherman (Mr. Peebody and Sherman)

Merlin - Buck (Ice Age)

Sir Kay - Hans (Frozen)

Madame Mim - Josee (Total Drama: Ridonculous Race)

Archidemes the Owl - The Owl (Creature Comforts Episode: Working Animals)

Madame Mim as Crocodile - Makuu the Crocodile (The Lion Guard)

Merlin as Tortoise - Verne (Over the Hedge)

Merlin as Rabbit - Rabbit (Winnie the Pooh)

Madame Mim as Fox - Fox (Skunk Fu)

Merlin as Crab - Sebastian the Crab (The Little Mermaid)

Madame Mim as Rhinoceros - Kifaru (The Lion Guard)

Merlin as Goat - Monty the Goat (Fluffy Gardens)

Madame Mim as Dragon - Dragon (Shrek)